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Easy way to save money with instant responses, hard to beat for the money.
Jim Hall
Tahlequah Auto Salvage LLC

In real estate its - location, location, location and in the auto parts business its information, information, information and with you have all the information at your fingertips, from guys and gals with lifetimes of experience. Questions are answered on the spot from knowledgeable parts people who have been there, done that and don't want to see it happen to you.
Rocky Roads Refinishing

Great Line, quality is excellent. We dropped all voice lines (except for our city line). Lynn does an excellent job in monitoring and collecting past dues (if any).
Scott Street Auto Parts

We subscribe to several parts services. Of the services we subscribe to, AutoPartHotline is one of the most profitable. Not only does it make money, it is a fun and friendly environment. I look forward to logging on everyday.
Rich Industries

Excellent customer service and a real tool for buying and selling parts. We have been on several hotlines over the past 30 years and this one is the best by far.
Marcus Smith
J&S Imported Auto Parts

AutoPartHotline has been great. Not only has it increased our sales but has made it easier to locate hard to find parts.
Christy Ziegenhagen
Dallas Auto Salvage

This is a great used auto parts line, its quick & easy to sell parts and find parts,members are great,and the help from the AutoPartHotline people is 1st class
Al Jordan
B&M Salvage

This is a good line to sell used auto parts locally as well as out of town. I would recommend it to others.
Paulie Paul
A Pickup Parts

Great Place to trade and get to know your fellow auto recyclers.
Kc Auto Salvage

Best Locator Service I've ever been on,I've never been treated so well in the parts industry.
Johnny Miller
Roy Miller Auto

Good line good people. I do alot of business on it .
K&K Motors Inc

It has been great for me and everyone on it. The yards that are on here are very helpful when you need them.The AutoPartHotline crew are a big help. I tell everyone about this site.
Ennis Auto Recyclers

Love the line
Todd Lawson
Patke Auto Parts

We have found that out of all of our wholesale and retail sources, the AutoPartHotline has benefited us greatly! I believe we sell more used auto parts per day over this hotline than any other.
Westwood Auto Parts

This is one of the best used auto part locating services we have been involved with. It is run in a professional manner.
Miracle Auto Parts

I really like being able to sell used auto parts on this line.
Jeff Taylor
Pine Street Auto Parts Inc

AutoPartHotline has been a big help in finding the hard to find used auto parts and also all used parts in general. AutoPartHotline puts you in contact with salvage yards and other related company's to help you with all your auto parts needs. I am thankful to the staff of the board for giving us an outlet to look for or sell used parts.
A-1 Auto Wrecking of Lufkin

I think that this is one of the best hotlines I've ever ran parts on. The price is very low for the service provided. Lots of nice people from all over the US. I think if you are considering getting on a new hotline this is the one!!
Henslee Auto Parts

I've really enjoyed using AutoPartHotline,easy to use,a great way to sell and buy used auto parts,fast responses and a great way to increase my sales.
Tony Dejarnett
Myers Auto Salvage

We are a specialized yard so I don't sell thousands of dollars every day but i have steady customers because of this line. It doesn't cost much and produces sales. Most people that order from me know what they are talking about and the ones that don't aren't afraid to ask questions so I know their customers are as important as mine are.You can't go wrong joining this line.
Glenn White

Austin Vee-Dub

So far so good. Another fast and easy way of selling more used auto parts and handling disputes. I thank them for their services.
Titan Auto Parts

I love this line!!!!!!!!!!!!
Auto Recyclers of Burleson

Great Line!!! Lots of good people to buy & sell used auto parts to.
A-1 imports

Over the last fifteen years I have used several similar systems. I must admit when it comes to finding and selling used auto parts, this one is by far superior. Kinda feels like one big happy family working together for success.
William Franklin
Pickup & Van Heaven

I just like the entire site, when you run a request for a used auto part, that you are looking for you, get answers from all over the place instantly, many thanks to the people at AutoPartHotline
Assured Auto Parts

AutoPartHotline has filled in the gap where others have been lacking. AutoPartHotline has helped alot now that we have 3 people actively working this line and we are very pleased with the results. There are a lot of good people on this line and they pay their bills in a timely manner, this helps alot when it comes to pay our po's.
Rick Piper
Action Auto Recycling

This hotline is a great way to buy and sell used auto parts, it would be great for any auto parts business.
B&M Salvage

Good group of salvage yards. All work together well. Lynn keeps all the salespeople in line, but we still have fun selling parts.
Farris Auto Salvage

Very elite line. Run very nicely by the management and has great people to buy and sell used auto parts to. I do numerous transactions daily.
Synder Salvage

We at J.R.Marinex Auto South Inc come from a family that's been in the salvage business since 1941. I have been in it since 1975. We started with hollander interchange books and then to hollander computer and eden locate. 2 years ago I changed for eden to AutoPartHotline. Its been smooth sailing ever since. Its fast and easy. I have no problems selling used auto parts,buying used auto parts,or collecting from other salvage yards. Lynn runs a tight ship and is always looking for ways to make it better. I highly recommend AutoPartHotline. I saved 4200.00 dollars in 2004 by making the switch.
Jorge R Martinez
J.R.Martinez Auto South Inc

AutoPartHotline is like the best used parts hotline around. You get things moving sold etc. Quick respond from all it's members. Great for a quick Insurance Quote, as well as others. It's transcripts and message feature is a great way to go back and check on old request and quotes. Great used parts hotline.
A-1 Auto Wrecking

I have been in the salvage yard bus for 30 years and been on every used parts hotline in the southeast from texas to florida,and this line is by far the best I have ever had the privilege of being a part of. People are great and this hotline is very professional and very cost effective. I highly recommend it to anyone need a source of buying or selling of used auto parts.
James Lynch
Myers Auto Salvage

I am very pleased with the services I have received on the hotline. I have been on the hotline for three months now. I have increased revenue 38 percent over all. I also am very pleased with mr Lynn with dispute services the works hard to correct any mishaps or misunderstandings. If you are in the market to raise revenue in this field I strongly suggest this used parts hotline.
A-1 Auto Salvage

This means of communication between salvage yards is very economical and effective, but requires all users to participate in order to enjoy the benefits. If we all put forth the effort, we all will benefit.
Action Auto & Truck Parts

To all that might read. I was interdicted to Lynn Helmers in the early 80's when i was starting the industry myself. Over the years I was privileged to do business with a honest person. Someone that know how important it was to describe and represent parts as they were. He has put together the AutoPartHotline with the help of a few others and has kept a respectable line up and going and the other offices strive to keep up dating and upgrading. The line will have new options and links weekly. I have used the hotline since returning to the salvage business 2 years ago.
Wild Bill Kato
Dan's Used Auto Parts

Very good used parts hotline. They take care of non-current cases promptly. If they don't pay their bill they won't last long. If you don't want good parts, don't join. It you don't pay your bills,don't join.
Box Auto Salvage