connect to auto recyclers all over the us


1.Post requests for parts on main message board only. (no need for comments, symbols, etc.) This will make it easier to keep up with requests of parts that people need.  

 2:No profanity, vulgarities, comments about race, religion, or sex.  

 3:Please pay your bills, and resolve disputes in a timely and professional manner. Their is a roll call resolution page if you have troubles with someone using our service. CLick here for the Roll-call rules page

 4:Any comments, disputes, or someone that is not paying their bills, must be sent using our roll call page. 

 5:Do not under any circumstances sign under another persons name, and or password. If you or your business needs another user and or change user, send the information to admin@autoparthotline and the changes will take effect by the next working day, if not sooner. Once the change is done, you will be notified immediately via email 

 Breaking any of the rules set forth may constitute termination from the service without refund, and or recourse.  We at Autoparthotline,com reserve the right to terminate any person from this service if we see fit. This does not mean that everyone from one location will be terminated, we can and will terminate this as an individual basis and or user basis. We are sure that owners and managers do not want their people acting in an unethical way.