Chat or request a part from  salvage yards from across the country

Hold mouse over Open new window for a tool tip
Making car-part f-12 key or any internet shorcut open in new window
If you go to My Computer > Control Panel > Internet Options > the Advanced tab on the Internet Options box> under browsing > remove check where it says : Reuse windows for lanching shortcut > click apply > and click ok.....

Fast Display Mode


The fast display feature provides you with an alternative to the standard, image-enhanced display used by default . The fast-display keeps record of all messages entered in a chat/instant message session and can be used to scroll back and view previous messages.

To enable/disable the fast display, simply right click on either a chat or instant message session and click on "Fast Display". When in fast-display mode, messages received will not be stored in the standard display area. However, all messages are always stored in the fast-display area

Web Address List


 The web address list (accessible via the pull down menu and all chat & instant-message sessions) stores    recent web addresses, ftp addresses, and email addresses typed in either a chat session or an instant- message session.

To launch a website listed , simply double click the address. The web site will be launched in a separate window. You may remove websites from your list by right clicking on the address and selecting "Remove".

To launch a website listed in either a chat session or a private instant-message session, simply select the address name from the pulldown menu at the top of the window.



Audio can be toggled from nearly every right-click menu available on the room. To turn audio on/off, simply right click on a user list or chat/instant-message session, and select (or de-select) the "Audio" list item. A checkmark indicates that audio is on.


To  print, press alt print screen to capture chat box only then open  paint select edit and paste there you can save as file or print. If you just press print screen it will copy whole page, then follow same instructions as above. 

Float & Dock

Click the float button to load the room into a separate popup window. This feature allows you to minimize screen space . Click the dock button to return the client to it's original web-based position.

Font & Colors

To customize your chat and instant-message display settings, including font style/size and color.

To change your font, use the pull down lists located at the bottom of your chat/instant message session to select a different font name, style and size. Font settings only effect the current chat/instant message session.

To change your color preferences, use the right click menu (in either a chat session, or an instant-message session) to open up the "Color Preferences" dialog. Using the color preferences dialog, you may change various colors shown throughout the chat room, including how your own chat/message and action events are shown to other users. Color settings are global, and effect all chat and instant-message sessions.

Use the Color-Override option (accessible via the right-click menu on chat and instant-message sessions) to force all colors to be displayed according to your own preferences.



The timestamp feature allows you to see exactly when a message was received on your  client. By default, timestamp is enabled for instant-messages, and disabled for chat sessions. Use the right-click menu in either a chat or instant-message session to toggle the timestamp feature.

Ignoring Users


You may ignore/listen-to users, by right clicking on their name.