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If you have problems connecting or staying in chat room 



1. If you see a broken link, or empty space when you start website, you most likely need to install a Java™ plugin/virtual machine. Java™ is the most powerful extension to web technology available today, and is available for free from the following locations:

Download from Sun Mircosystems here download  


3. If a _ is next to your name (example _johndoe) when you  are trying to login, exit the internet and log back in to 


4. If  applet  starts, but is unable to connect (and the server is online) you are most likely behind a firewall that is not allowing you to connect  to the connection . To correct the problem, you will need to inform your local I.T./Network Administrator to open TCP port 45017 on your firewall to


5. Login passwords are case sensitive so be sure you use the same capital or lowercase letters you chose when signing up.


6. If you close the chat box by accident and need to get back in, go to dropdown box and select chat sessions, then select your region, then double click on it to rejoin  the room.


7. Always leave the web page open, if you need to surf the internet or go to another site, open a new instance of internet explorer or Netscape. If you click on a favorite book mark and leave the chat page then you will leave the hotline room.


8. We recommend that everybody log out after the business day for so we can do maintience  on our service.